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U7 Division

The U7 division is for all children born in the calendar years 2017 or 2018.

For those new to U7 or our Zone, we wish you a special welcome. The following will help you understand the process that has been adopted for your child in the upcoming hockey season. Please take the time to thoroughly read through this entire message. It will provide information on the evaluation process, and your child’s placement on a team.

There are two main websites to utilize this year:

  1. Saskatoon Minor Hockey League Association (SMHA)
  2. Comets Zone Hockey

Evaluation Process: Sunday October 1st & Wednesday October 4th, 2023

Although there are no official tryouts in the U7 age group, we will have two skate sessions on October 1st and 4th, 2023. The groups and times for the 1st skate are listed on the website and groups will be created in the coming days.

**During the evaluation skates all players will be required to check in at the Comets table. Each player will be given a jersey with a number. Please return the jersey after each ice session as players will receive a different jersey for each skate. 

**Please ensure you arrive at the registration table at least 15 minutes prior to your ice time to pick up your jersey and are ready to go on the ice at your listed evaluation time.

In U7, the player placement on a team is very simple and is not classified as a tryout. 

At the U7 level:  2017 born players and/or players with previous hockey experience are typically placed on the Advanced teams. Players born in 2018 or players new to hockey and/or skating are placed on the Beginner teams.  (*There are some exceptions to this rule such as: 1. Family requests for siblings to play together. 2. A 2018 born player suited to play on an advanced team. 3. A 2017 born player who is starting hockey for the first time may certainly be more suited on a beginner team. Etc.)

The ice time skates will consist of multiple skills. Areas that included in the evaluation skate include: skating (forward, backward & turns) stopping, and some fun games for the kids.  We will have big groups of kids on the ice at the same time so we will be splitting the players into four groups and utilizing both halves of the ice to maximize time and space. 

If this is your child’s first year of hockey or first time in full equipment or on skates and your child would be more comfortable if mom/dad/guardian were on the ice with them, please contact the Initiation Coordinator if you wish to go on the ice.

**Note: Anyone on the ice must be wearing a helmet.

U7 Equipment: All U7 players that are on the ice for practices and/or games must be in full equipment.  In addition, all players registered in Saskatoon Minor hockey must be wearing a neck guard at all times when on the ice.  Neck guards are a mandatory piece of hockey equipment as set by Hockey Canada. All minor hockey players (goalies included) must properly wear a BNQ certified neck guard for ALL games and for ALL practices. This is not an option.

Please see the following link for information on the required equipment:

Coaching:  Thank you to those who have already volunteered to coach. We will be in contact with you shortly if you have not yet been called. If you are interested in coaching in any capacity, please visit the Comets website and fill out the on-line coach application.

Important Dates:

Annual Source for Sports U7 Jamboreedate TBD. We highly recommend you enter your child in this fun-filled event. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your child to hockey before the regular season gets underway. This information has been emailed to all families through Teamlink and SMHA. All applications will be sent directly to SMHA as they make all groupings. *Note they will attempt to put all U7 Comets in the morning session so that it does not interfere with our evaluation skates.

Timbits Day at SaskTel Sports Centre. More information will be sent to you in the near future.

Coordinator’s Message: At the U7 level the focus is primarily on skill development and player enjoyment of the game of hockey. The first rule of hockey is to have fun!  I will do my best to ensure the teams have players of equal skill sets and that the coaches are equipped with the best tools and certifications to make the hockey season an enjoyable one for everyone. I look forward to the upcoming hockey season.

If you have any questions about the evaluation process or the season in general, feel free to contact me at .

Pam Beaudry
Comet U7 Coordinator