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Hello Comet Families,

As all of you know, our board makes many decisions each year and deciding on our award recipients is one of the toughest.  This year was no different as the list of nominees was absolutely stellar.  Each of the nominees has had a very positive influence on their teams and deserves our full recognition and appreciation.  

We would like to thank our Coaches, Parents and Players for sending in their nominations.   

Karina Misfeldt Memorial Award Winner
Kiera Olson

From the very first practice, Kiera stood out as the ideal choice to lead the U18A Comet Legends as the team’s captain. Throughout the season, she consistently demonstrated her suitability for this role through hard work, a positive attitude, and unwavering dedication. Her impact extended beyond the ice, resonating with everyone in the dressing room.

As an extremely positive leader, Kiera not only embraced the team’s established expectations but also set some of her own. Remarkably, her leadership didn’t intimidate the team; rather, they listened and respected her insights.
The communication between Coach and Captain was exemplary throughout the year. Any instructions provided to Kiera were relayed to the team in a positive yet authoritative manner. In return, she acted as the team’s ambassador, addressing situations maturely and transparently. This effective communication minimized issues and fostered a cohesive environment.

On the ice, Kiera’s leadership manifested in various ways. Her tireless effort, consistent commitment (always giving 100%), and respect for teammates, officials, and everyone at the rink left a lasting impression. She ensured that every teammate felt included and valued—an essential aspect of team cohesion.

An illustrative example of Kiera’s character: She periodically picked up a younger sister of a teammate (whom she had just met this year) for ice cream and hockey chats. The admiration this young Comet player had for Kiera was so profound that she even changed her jersey number to match Kiera’s.

Kiera’s dedication extends beyond the rink. Whether it’s picking up girls without licenses for practice or ensuring everyone receives event invitations, she works hard to ensure inclusion for all.

Without a doubt, Kiera deserves recognition for her outstanding contributions this year. 

Kiera was also nominated by the Comets for the Evan Thomas Memorial SMHA Sportsperson of the Year Award & Scholarship - presented by Airline Hotels and won this award as well!

Congratulations Kiera!!

Lexi Gabruch Memorial Award Winner
Elle Wells

Elle Wells not only shines between the pipes but also stands out as an exceptional person and leader. Her unwavering commitment to the team transcends the rink, making her an invaluable asset both on and off the ice.
Elle’s selflessness is evident in her willingness to assist teammates whenever needed. Whether it’s motivating the team during crucial games or volunteering for team functions, Elle consistently steps up. Her calming presence in the dressing room is a source of strength for all players.

What truly sets Elle apart is her unwavering dedication. She never misses a practice or game with the Comet Rebels, going above and beyond to be the best she can be. She embodies leadership and serves as a constant ambassador for our team and the sport.
Elle’s hunger for growth is inspiring. She absorbs every opportunity to learn, both as a person and as a hockey player. During Huskies games, while others enjoy the camaraderie, Elle remains laser-focused, analyzing every second of play. Her fierce determination is what makes her an exceptional netminder.

In an era where quality goalies are scarce, Elle’s accomplishments in her first year as a full-time goalie are nothing short of incredible. Her competitive spirit and leadership elevate her team, and her growth as a goalie is eagerly anticipated.   The Saskatoon Comet family is fortunate to have Elle Wells among us.

Congratulations Elle!!

Comets JR Coach of the Year Winner
Misty Alexandre

Misty has been a coach in Comets zone for several years and is the current coach of the U9CComet Fire. She is deserving as coach of the year for the unwavering dedication she provides to her players and the game. Her passion for the game radiates through her coaching, and she goes above and beyond to ensure every player feels like an integral part of the team.  Misty’s organizational skills shine through by having detailed practice plans that emphasize skill development while keeping all players engaged and interested in learning. Misty constantly displays sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude on and off the ice creating a vibrant and enjoyable environment which motivates players and coaches to do their best.

Misty’s unwavering dedication to hockey transcends the rink, leaving an indelible impression on players, parents, and the entire community. She played a pivotal role in organizing various events, at the recent USport Women’s Hockey Championships. Inspired by Misty’s vision, our Team Ambassadors, drawn from young Comets Teams, fostered connections with USport Teams by cheering at their games, writing heartfelt letters, and proudly donning their team colors. Misty’s boundless creativity was evident in the Pregame Fan Fest, which united the hockey community like never before. From face painting to photo booths and poster-making, laughter echoed through Merlis Belsher Place.

Coach Misty embodies the essence of coaching: mentorship, leadership, and community building. Her impact extends well beyond the boards, shaping not only skilled athletes but also community members. 

Thank you and Congratulations Misty!

Comets SR Coach of the Year Winner
Robin McComas

Robin McComas, the dedicated recipient of the Comets Sr. Coach of the Year award, has left an indelible mark on the team both on and off the ice. Her unwavering commitment, fueled by genuine care and love, has transformed the players into better individuals. As a coach, Robin ensures that the girls remain accountable during every game and practice, fostering growth beyond the rink. Her coaching philosophy is infused with passion, and she creates an environment that is positive, fun, and empowering.

Robin possesses an innate understanding of her players’ needs. Whether it’s providing encouragement, tough love, a confidante, or a cheerleader, she intuitively knows when to step into each role. Her knowledge and expertise have significantly contributed to the girls’ development on the ice. Robin’s tireless encouragement throughout the year helped the girls evolve not only as hockey players but also as better human beings.

As a former hockey player herself, Coach McComas embodies inspiration and support for young female athletes. Her leadership motivated the team to push their limits, resulting in improved teamwork and individual achievements. Beyond the standard expectations of a coach, Robin’s commitment to continuous improvement and her positive impact on the U13 Comet Storm hockey team extend far beyond the ice. She has truly made a difference in the lives of these remarkable young women.

Congratulations Coach Robin!!

Comets Volunteer of the Year Award Winner
Shaunda sembalerus

This year’s Comets Volunteer of the Year award recipient, Shaunda Sembalerus, has gone above and beyond to ensure that the girls on the U15AA Comet Impact had an amazing hockey season both on and off the ice. She came up with unique and creative ways for the girls to get to know each other, resulting in an extremely unified team. Shaunda is a dedicated and organized individual, handling everything from ice times and dry land practices to team-building activities, bus trips, and hotel accommodations. Her ability to organize and communicate effectively significantly eased the pressure on parents.  

Shaunda served as the go-to person for the girls at the rink. Whether they needed something or just wanted to talk, she was always there. Additionally, she acted as a liaison between the male coaches and the girls, bridging any gaps and ensuring smooth communication. To all the girls, she was like a rink mother, and her unwavering positivity was truly inspiring.  Her attitude toward other teams, athletes, parents, and life in general is nothing short of remarkable. The girls themselves describe her as “so helpful,” “amazing,” “kind,” “beautiful,” “fun,” and a “great manager.” And yes, they even appreciate her “beautiful hair!”

Shaunda is a shining example of what a dedicated volunteer can achieve. Her impact extends far beyond the hockey rink, and she truly deserves this recognition. 

Shaunda was also nominated by the Comets for the Crestline Coach SMHA Volunteer of the Year Award.

Congratulations Shaunda!!