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Name: Krispin Zaleschuk
Position: Commissioner
Name: Sarah MacNaught
Position: Assistant Commissioner
Name: Keverly Kicia
Position: Secretary
Name: Nadine Schueller
Position: Treasurer
Name: Tara Bryant
Position: Registrar
Name: Chad Freeman
Position: Equipment Manager
Name: Jodie Wagner
Position: Promotion / Fundraising Coordinator
Name: Sean Schroeder
Position: Communications / Website Coordinator
Name: EJ Babey
Position: Development Coordinator
Name: Pam Beaudry
Position: U7 Coordinator
Name: Tosha Fidyk
Position: U9 Coordinator
Name: Desrae Catton
Position: U11 Coordinator
Name: Carla Odnokon
Position: U13 Coordinator
Name: Heather Hutchison
Position: U15 Coordinator
Name: Chris Weller
Position: U18 Coordinator
Name: Brandi Tracksell
Position: Bingo Coordinator
Name: Rich Gabruch
Position: Member at Large 1
Name: Scott Aaro
Position: Member at Large 2