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U13 Division 

The U13 division is for those born in the calendar years 2011 or 2012.

Welcome back to another hockey season! For those new to U13 or to our Zone, we wish you a special welcome! The following is an information package that will help you understand the process that has been adopted for your daughter in the upcoming hockey season. Please take the time to thoroughly read through this entire letter, as well as the dates for evaluations. Please follow the evaluation link on our website to find groups (now online) and ice times. It will provide information on the evaluation process, and your daughter’s placement on a team.

Coaching: If you are interested in coaching this hockey season, please apply online before evaluations begin. All people interested in Head Coach or Assistant Coach must fill out an application. All interested coaches are invited to watch the evaluations. At this time we have not received enough Head Coach applications for all teams registered this season.

Program Information: Our U13 division has been revised by Hockey Saskatchewan, and will consist of AA and B and C teams playing within the Saskatchewan Female Hockey League, opposing teams are yet to be announced.

This year the 9 Comet Teams will be created in the following divisions: “AA”, “B”, and “C”.  The “AA” team will participate in the SFHL league.  Information about the league can be found here. Our Comet B and C teams will continue to participate in SMHA leagues as they have in the past. The goal of the evaluation process is to benefit all players as it seeks to ensure players have opportunities to develop at an appropriate level of competition and play on a team that is appropriate for players’ abilities, skills and objectives.

Evaluation: To begin the evaluation process, the players will be placed in groups to try and make equal numbers for each session. This means there will be players of different levels and abilities on the ice at the same time. Please check which group your daughter is in from our website at All players must have their registration fees paid in full prior to their first skate.

Prior to the first evaluation skate, your daughter will be assigned a jersey number and color. This will be their evaluation number for BOTH skill skates. This will be the only tool used to identify the players. When you arrive at your first skate, you will receive a jersey and wear that for the second skills session.  You MUST report to our Comet desk before the second session to register.  This is very important to ensure you are being evaluated correctly. If your daughter is unable to attend an evaluation session, please email the coordinator.

Players’ ratings will take place during the evaluation sessions by off-ice, independent evaluators. The evaluations consist of two skills and agility skates and two scrimmages.  Evaluators will be looking at, but are not limited to, skating, passing, puck control, and shooting in addition to team tactics and work ethic.

Regrouping will occur after each evaluation skate.  Please check the Comets website for your daughter’s next ice time.

The coordinator will observe the evaluation ice times. We will need people to work the gates for the girls during the games, so please contact the coordinator or indicate when your daughter checks in that you are interested in helping.

As parents, another area that you can be of assistance during the evaluation process, is to continually encourage your daughter and the other players. It would also be helpful to remind your daughter to try their best on each and every drill and each shift in the scrimmage.  Stay positive and remind them to have FUN!!


  • All players are to be in full equipment for all skates, and neck guards (double check your bag for all your equipment before coming to the rink)
  • Names to be removed from helmets
  • Team stickers on helmets (unless Comets) are to be removed or covered with black tape - NO spring hockey logos.
  • Socks are to be plain or Comet – NO spring team socks.
  • NO spring hockey pant shells.
  • Jersey’s number is visible for evaluators (please do not tuck in the jersey)
  • Check the website for your next ice time
  • Please return jerseys after each session

As parents, you can help the evaluation process by:

  • Explaining to your daughter what evaluations are. Remind them that they, as a person, are not being evaluated.  Evaluators are watching specific hockey skills for their age/experience and are being ranked in terms of skating, shooting, passing checking etc.
  • Staying positive and providing support throughout the process.  Don't sweat the small stuff- it’s the beginning of the year.  They may fall, not be in top shape, and may miss pylons and passes.  It’s all part of hockey.  Be positive and help your player enjoy their time on the ice.
  • For the scrimmages, parents are asked to volunteer to work the benches and time clocks.  Parents will not be permitted to be on the same bench as their player.  Bench parents are asked to rotate the lines equally, encourage the players to play hard, but refrain from coaching by offering suggestions or direction to the players on their bench.

All sessions will begin on time, and players missing or arriving late to their session will be evaluated based on what is seen during the player’s time on the ice. There will be no exceptions and drills will not be repeated.  In the event a player is injured and unable to participate in the tryout process, please contact me immediately so the Board of Directors can be informed.

For those of you interested in applying for a Head Coach position, please fill in your application on the Comet Website as soon as possible.  Head Coaches for the  U13 teams will be chosen prior to the final bubble game, but only after the player evaluation findings have placed the candidate’s player into the final bubble game.

Remember to watch the Comet Website for all team lists and any last minute changes or notifications.   

Please have the player ready to go 10 minutes before the ice time.

If you have any questions about the evaluation process or the season in general, feel free to contact me at  

Carla Odnokon
Comets U13 Coordinator