Saskatoon Comets & District Female Hockey
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U11 Division

The U11 division is for players born in the calendar years 2013 or 2014.

For those new to U11 or new to Comets Hockey, we wish you a special welcome. The following is an information package that will help you understand the process that has been adopted to help your child for the upcoming hockey season. Please take time to thoroughly read this entire package, it will provide information on the evaluation process and your child’s placement on a team.

Coaching: If you are interested in coaching this season and have not yet applied for a coaching position, please do so online as soon as possible. All interested coaches are encouraged to be at all the ice times to help with the drafting process. The selected head coaches for the B teams will be notified after the final scrimmage and prior to the bubble skate. Once the B teams are drafted, the selected coaches for the remaining teams will be notified and the C and D teams will be drafted.

Program Information: The U11 division will see ten teams competing, including two B-level, four C-level and four D-level teams.

GOALIES:  If your child is registered to play goal, please ensure they attend the goalie evaluations.

PRE SKATE Information: (non-evaluated skates)
Once again, the Comets are happy to offer these ‘optional’ pre skates for players to get back on the ice and prepare for the evaluation process. Your daughter is pre-registered for these skates with her registration form.

Pre Skate dates: **Please Note **The August 28th & 30th times will be during the day (9:30am-2:30pm) due to ice availability. Then the 3rd and 4th pre-skates are scheduled  September 9th & 16th.  We ask that you please still let us know if your daughter is unable to attend. On the day of the pre skates, please check in with us as you enter the rink so that we can fully check your daughter in. Please bring your own jersey for these sessions.

TRYOUTS/EVALUATION information. (evaluated skates)

Evaluation dates: September 17th, 23rd, 30th, and  October 1 with the bubble games Oct 3rd  2023.

To begin the evaluation process, the players will be alphabetically placed in 5 groups to try and make equal numbers in each grouping.  This means there will be players of different levels and abilities on the ice at the same time. When the scrimmages begin 4 new groups will be made. Please check which grouping your child is in on the website at

Prior to each evaluation skate, your child will be assigned a jersey number and color. This will be their evaluation number for that particular skate. This will be the only tool used to identify the players. These jerseys will be collected after each skate so that the next group can wear them as well. 

PLEASE TURN IN EVALUATION JERSEYS AFTER EACH TRYOUT SESSION!  Your daughter will be assigned a new color and number for each session that she is on the ice for.

The evaluations consist of two skills and agility skates and two scrimmages, 4 on 4.  Two bubble games will be held to evaluate final placement.  Evaluators will be looking at, but are not limited to, skating, passing, puck control, and shooting in addition to team tactics and work ethic.

Players’ ratings will take place during the evaluation sessions by off-ice, independent evaluators. 

The coordinator will observe the evaluation ice times.

We will need people to work the gates for the girls during the games, so please contact the coordinator if you are interested in helping. At your daughter’s scrimmage, there will be a sign up sheet for positions that will need to be filled to help out with the scrimmage, so please check in at the registration table to sign up.

As parents, one area you can be of assistance during the evaluation process is to continually encourage your child and other children.  It would also be helpful to remind your child to try their best on each and every drill and each shift in the scrimmage.  Stay positive and remind them to have FUN!!

Regrouping will occur after each evaluation skate.  Please check the Comet website for your daughter’s next ice time.  If you do not have access to a computer during evaluations, please let the coordinator know and provide your contact information.  


  • All players are to be in full equipment for all skates, and neck guards (double check your bag for all your equipment before coming to the rink)
  • Names to be removed from helmets
  • Team stickers on helmets (unless Comets) are to be removed or covered with black tape - NO spring hockey logos.
  • Socks are to be plain or Comet – NO spring team socks.
  • NO spring hockey pant shells.
  • Check the website for your next ice time
  • Please return jerseys after each session

It is important that your child be present at all of their assigned sessions in order to ensure that they are placed at the level that is most suitable for their abilities.  Please have the player ready to go 10 minutes before the ice time.

As parents please remind your daughter to try their best on each and every drill and each shift in the scrimmage.  Stay positive and remind them to have FUN!!! Check out: Tips for Evaluations. I also wanted to remind all parents – specifically the men – that at age levels U11 and older, no men are permitted in the change rooms.  If your player requires skate tightening, goalie equipment assistance, etc., have your daughter exit the change room.  Policy 18, page 31, 32 reads:  (U11) and older age groups: No males (including dads and brothers) are permitted in the dressing room. Do not worry! It is our experience that girls from the U11 age up can easily learn to dress themselves and come outside of the room to have their skates tied, if required. If this is an issue, parents can elect to have their child dress at home. Coaching staff with Respect In Sport certification (aka: speak-out) and a valid police check will be allowed to enter the room just before the game to go over the game plan; they may only enter once the “all clear” has been given by the female "Room Mom's" in the room. Coaching staff may also enter the room immediately after the game for game recap; they must exit the room before any girls begin undressing. Up until this time, supervision in the dressing room is the responsibility of the designated Room Moms. The “two deep” rule applies to everyone entering the room. Any skate tying assistance shall be provided outside the dressing room or by the Room Moms.

Useful webpages:

  1. Saskatoon Minor Hockey League Association (SMHA)
  2. Comets Zone Hockey

If you have any questions about the evaluation process or about the season in general, feel free to contact me.

Desrae Catton
Comet U11 Coordinator