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Evaluation Information

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Evaluation Drills - now online!!
U9 / U11 Drills
U13 / U15 / U18 Drills

Get your skates laced and sharpened! The 2023/24 Season is right around the corner!

The full Evaluation Schedule as well as the U9/U11 PreSkates are now available below. ** PreSkates are not evaluated **

A couple of things to NOTE:

  • As per our policies, if your daughter's registration fees are not paid in full, OR arrangements have not been made with our Treasurer by September 1st, your daughter will not be allowed on the ice for Evaluations. Please check your emails and make payment as soon as possible. Our Treasurer can be reached at 
  • Please check the website to ensure that you have current information regarding your daughters division, groupings and times for Evaluations.
  • Each division has their own page that will contain the information on the Division as well below, the information regarding groupings for evaluations. These will show up under the Evaluations tab as we get closer to the start of your division.

For each session during Evaluations, it is important to CHECK IN at the table so that the coordinator knows you are there and that you have a jersey for that session. Please make sure that you are checking in. This applies to Goalies as well.

  • All players are to be in full equipment for all skates, including neck guards (double check your bag for all your equipment before coming to the rink).
  • Team stickers on helmets (unless Comets) are to be removed or covered with black tape - NO spring hockey logos.
  • Socks are to be plain or Comet – NO spring team socks.
  • NO spring hockey pant shells.
  • Check the website for your next ice time as groups / times could change.
  • Please be ready to go on the ice 10 minutes before the session starts.

If you have any questions about the evaluation process or the season in general, feel free to contact your Divisions coordinator.

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Yours in Hockey,
Comets Executive