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Jan 29 2023

Player Affiliation FAQ

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Player affiliation is an important component of having a successful season.  It is important that teams affiliate players to protect their team for player shortages that might occur during the season - for illness, injury, suspension, etc.  It is especially important on teams with with smaller rosters.

Let's see if we can answer some of the regular questions that arise around this subject:


Q: Where do I find information on player affiliation?

A: See Regulation X in SMHA's Rules and Regulations.  Click here for the SMHA Regulations


Q: Where do I find the SMHA Affiliation Form?

A: Under Coaches & then Forms.  Click here for the SMHA Affiliate Player form


Q: Can a player be affiliated to more than one team?

A: No, a player may only be affiliated to one team.  Only exception applies when SMHA  has an approved Hockey Sask concession for a zone to pool its goalies into a goaltender affiliaiton pool for multiple teams to access goaltenders.


Q: What is the deadline to file an affiliation form?

A: The initial deadline is December 1, 2022.  Teams should have their minimum requirement of affiliates signed by this date (see Regulation X for more infomation).  Teams then have until January 6, 2023 to make any additions or deletions to their affiliate lists.

After January 6, 2023, no more additions can be made to affiliation forms.  Please plan accordingly and think ahead to February and March.


Q: How does a team submit an affiliate form to SMHA?

A: In order for a team to be able to use an affiliate in a game, the affiliate player must be registered to the team's roster on the Hockey Canada Registry.  It is not enough just to have players signed on the affiliate form. Affiliate forms need to be emailed into Irene at the SMHA office at by 3:00 pm on the day of the game the player is going to be used as an affiliate or by 3:00pm on Friday for the weekend. One form per team is best for ensuring accuracy.   Do not use one form per affiliate player.


Q: What is the procedure to use an affiliate player in a game?

A: Be sure to notify the coach of the affiliate player that your team will be using their player in game.  It is courtesy plus the coach can be a source of information - the affiliate could be suspended or injured. 


Q: Can a team deny the use of an affiliate player?

A: Yes, only when the affiliate's team has a conflicting game  If the affiliate's team is practicing at the time of the game or has dryland training, the affiliate is permitted to play and his or her team cannot deny the opportunity to do so. The affiliate player cannot miss his or her own team's practice to attend the affiliate team's practice.


Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of games an affiliate can play?

A: Nearly all affiliate players can play unlimited games as an affiliate. 

The only limitations on game numbers applies in the following situations:

- U18 players affiliated to U18AAA are resticted to 10 games as an affiliate;

- AA players affiliated to AA or U18AAA to the age group above are restricted to 5 games all season;

- In SMHA play, AA affiliates to the B level (eg. U11A player affiliated to U13B; U13AA player affiliated to U15B or U15AA to U18B) are restricted to 5 games after January 10th.

- Games only count for goaltenders when they play in a game (any # of minutes)


Q: Who do I contact at SMHA if I have further questions about player affiliation?

A: Please read the SMHA affiliation regulation noted in the first question.  If you still require more information, contact Kelly Boes at or at 306-244-1363.






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